About Us

Welcome to Cornucopia, the brainchild of two visionary graduates from UC Davis, Raunak Anand and Himay (Mickey) Makhija. Our journey began with a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and a desire to bridge the gap between the realms of computer science, statistics, and biotechnology. Cornucopia's genesis lies in the synergy between Raunak's technological prowess and Mickey's profound knowledge of the life sciences. Together, they envisioned a world where biotech research could flourish with AI-driven insights, optimizing experimentation, and accelerating discoveries.

Raunak Anand

The Tech Visionary

Raunak brings a dynamic blend of Computer Science and Statistics to Cornucopia. With a penchant for cutting-edge technology and a keen eye for data-driven insights, he is the driving force behind our AI and ML solutions. Raunak's dedication to crafting innovative tools has paved the way for scientists to expedite their research, making him a key architect of our mission.

Himay (Mickey) Makhija

The BioTech Maestro

Himay, often known as Mickey, embodies the fusion of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Statistics. His deep understanding of biotech intricacies, coupled with statistical rigor, empowers Cornucopia to provide precise, context-aware feedback to researchers. Mickey's commitment to ethical and responsible research practices sets the foundation for our company's core values.